CURATING IN CONTEXT - SUMMER SCHOOL, August 25th – September 15th

CURATING IN CONTEXT - SUMMER SCHOOL, August 25th – September 15th


Dear colleagues,

Erasmus project Curating in context organizes a summer school on
curatorial practices beyond the field of visual arts.

About the school
This school/platform aims to critically reflect and address different
socio-political and economic contexts, and develop curatorial methods
to rethink the practices of performing arts in relation to activism,
social movements and self- organization, in a dialogue with
contemporary critical theories and trans-disciplinary studies. In
addition, the school aims:

- to reflect and open a dialogue in the subjects related to the given
topics of the school

- to open a discussion and explore non-hegemonic forms of collective
practices and self-organization in the field of cultural production

- to bring the performing arts in a dialogue with the curatorial as a
non-restricted field, or a field that is not exclusively related to
visual arts, and

- to establish a platform of dialogue between cultural and art
workers, curators, critical theorists and activists.

Themes/content directions

- Curating and the curatorial (Irit Rogoff, Beatrice von Bismarck
2012, Maria Lind 2012, Paul O’Neill, 2012) from the perspective of
choreography & performing arts

- Non-representative forms of curating as a political perspective

- Curatorial practices related to social justice, social movements,
activism, gender and queer politics, self-organized initiatives,
struggles for new communal forms

- Models of working together production/organization, dissemination

- New modes of instituting the curatorial (power relations, inclusion
and exclusion), and

- The curatorial as staging the agonistic public space.


All courses include viewing, reading, analyses and writing experiments
on works of art (plays, performances, installations, etc.), setting in
focus their relationship with the socio-political, economic and
political context, and the potentialities and strategies they open for
rethinking the curatorial.

Formats of the school: Seminars; Lectures/ presentation; Workshops;
Discussions; Artists’ and Curators’ talks; Reading groups and

Lecturers, artists, curators and coordination of the school

Seminars and workshops by Kirsten Maar (Germany), Goran Sergej Pristas
(Croatia), Suzana Milevska (North Macedonia), Una Bauer (Croatia) and
Danae Theodoridou (Greece).

Lectures/presentations/discussions: Silke Bake (Germany), Goran Pavlic
(Croatia), Lydia Bell (USA), Anastasia Proshutinskaya (Russia),
Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris (Sweden), Martin Sonderkamp (Germany /
Sweden), Tove Salmgren (Sweden), Marijana Cvetkovic (Serbia), Rok
Vevar (Slovenia), Jasna Jasna Žmak (Croatia), Jasmina Zaloznik
(Slovenia), Nikolina Pristaš (Croatia), Anna Effermson (Sweden), Maria
de la Paz Ponce (Germany), Darko Dragicevic (Serbia/Germany), Dragana
Alfirevic (Serbia/Slovenia), Mariana Valencia (USA), Cassils (USA),
Marta Popivoda (Serbia/Germany), Ivana Vaseva (North Macedonia),
Kristina Lelovac (North Macedonia) and Jana Kocevska (North

School Curators: Slavcho Dimitrov and Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski
Program producer: Violeta Kachakova
Coordinator and PR: Zorica Zafirovska

Send your contacts and short CV’s at following address: by August 10th